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Governor Sandoval Lists Concerns with Senator Heller’s Reckless Tax Bill

Once again, Senator Heller finds himself at odds with Nevada’s Republican Governor as he continues pushing forward reckless health care policy that will harm our state and increase costs for Nevada families. The Republican tax scam makes dangerous changes to the health care system that in Governor Sandoval’s words would “disrupt the exchange” and “cause the premiums to go up even more.” Governor Sandoval’s serious concerns make it clearer than ever that Senator Heller is putting his party and his wealthy donors first – at Nevada’s expense.

The Nevada Independent: The Indy Explains: The Senate Republican tax bill and where Nevada’s leaders stand

But in an interview with The Nevada Independent on Wednesday, Sandoval listed a number of concerns that he’s had during the development of the bill: cuts to affordable housing programs under the House proposal, changes to bonding that would affect the cost of the soon-to-be-built Raiders stadium and a now-deleted proposal to eliminate the adoption tax credit — a provision that he said prompted at least one person to visit his office and urge him to oppose the tax bill.

He also pointed out the trouble with eliminating the individual health insurance mandate.

“It would disrupt the exchange, because if people aren’t required to purchase insurance, specifically those that are healthy … it’s going to change the dynamic,” he said. “At least the information I’ve seen is that it would cause the premiums to go up even more for those who remain, so that’s an issue as well.”

He said he hasn’t had as many conversations with the congressional delegation about the tax bill as he had during debate about repealing Obamacare, but said state staff — especially in the housing division — have been communicating with Nevada representatives about the implications for the state.