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Senator Heller Thanks Koch Brothers Front Groups For Helping Him Advance Tax Cuts for Billionaires

While promoting his bill today to hike taxes and premiums on working families while slashing taxes for billionaires, Republican Senator Dean Heller took time to thank several shady front groups for the billionaire Koch Brothers specifically by name – Americans For Prosperity, Freedom Partners, Generation Opportunity, and the Libre Initiative. Don’t take our word for it, watch for yourself. The fiscally irresponsible Republican tax bill passed a key procedural hurdle today, moving one step closer towards Senate passage.

Earlier this year, Heller stood with Governor Sandoval and promised to oppose Mitch McConnell’s health care plan. But then, under pressure, Heller broke his promise and supported the Republican health care plan to spike costs and slash health care coverage. Just days later, McConnell’s super PAC rewarded Heller by promising to spend millions of dollars on ads for his re-election campaign. Will the Koch Brothers also reward Heller with millions of dollars in ads for 2018?

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“While Senator Heller cozies up to the billionaire Koch Brothers and their shady front groups, working families are going to pay the price with higher taxes and health insurance premiums. Once again, Dean Heller’s constituents find themselves being screwed over to placate his ultra-wealthy campaign donors. This is a tax bill for billionaires, not the middle class, and Nevadans should be disgusted with Senator Heller’s continued broken promises.”


Heller Thanked Americans For Prosperity, Freedom Partners, Generation Opportunity And The Libre Initiative For Their Work On Tax Reform. Heller: “I also want to thank Americans for Prosperity. White House here, I see some of my former employees that are here that now work over at the administration. Great to see all of them. Freedom Partners, Generation Opportunity, and also the Libre Initiative, which I will be addressing on Saturday when I get back to Las Vegas.”  [Twitter, @SenateGOP, 11/29/17, 6:00]