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Heller’s Tax Scam: Tax Cuts for Wealthy Donors, Tax Hikes for the Middle Class

new analysis out this week from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center confirms what we already knew about Republican Senator Dean Heller’s tax plan — it’s tax cut for his wealthy donors and a tax hike for many middle class families.

The Tax Policy Center analysis of the Senate GOP tax bill finds:

  • 50% of all households will see a tax increase compared to current law.
  • 65% of middle-income households will see a tax increase compared to current law.
  • 98% of households in the top 0.1% will see a tax cut compared to current law.


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Instead of pushing for real tax relief for the middle class, Senator Heller is pushing through a scam that will increases taxes on working families while giving his billionaire donors a massive tax cut. Just like he broke his promise on health care, Senator Heller is proving again that Nevadans can’t take him at his word. Nevadans are tired of having a Senator who lies through his teeth, and that’s why they will vote Dean Heller out in 2018.”