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NEW AUDIO of Adam Laxalt Trying to Abstain, Then Voting Against Pardoning an Innocent Man

Controversy is still swirling around Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s vote against pardoning an innocent man, and KLAS political analyst Steve Sebelius says “the Laxalt campaign is definitely worried about it.” Last night, KLAS aired audio of Laxalt’s attempt to abstain from voting before he cast the lone vote against pardoning Fred Steese, who spent 21 years in prison for a wrongful murder conviction. Republican Governor Brian Sandoval and all seven justices on the Nevada Supreme Court voted to grant Steese a full pardon.

Watch the brutal TV clip here.

The Attorney General’s handling of the pardon vote has been called “very close to a disqualifying act” that “raised serious questions about Laxalt’s fitness for the state’s most important office.” If Adam Laxalt had been Governor when this vote took place, this innocent man would not have been pardoned. That performance review describing Laxalt as an incompetent “train wreck” who “has judgment issues and doesn’t seem to understand what to do” keeps making more and more sense…


Secretary: Attorney General Laxalt?

Laxalt: Governor, am I able to abstain on a vote?

Sandoval: I don’t know if we’ve ever had an abstention. In absence of a conflict, I think not.

[Long pause]

Laxalt: Ok, well I’m a no.

Sandoval: Did you vote no?

Laxalt: Yes.

Sandoval: So yes, you voted no. I just want to be clear. I vote… 

Secretary: Governor Sandoval?

Sandoval: Yes.

Secretary: Motion passes.

Fred Steese: I would like to thank you all.

Sandoval: Good luck to you Mr. Steese.