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Heller’s Reckless Tax Plan Draws Opposition from Patient Groups, Health Insurers, Doctors, Hospitals

CNBC: Insurers, doctors and hospitals oppose repeal of Obamacare individual mandate

Los Angeles Times: “16 leading consumer and patient groups together expressed alarm at the proposal”

Republican Senator Dean Heller and his colleagues have managed to unite insurers, doctors, hospitals, and patient groups all against their reckless new tax plan. The new Senate GOP tax bill would sneak in a repeal of the individual mandate, resulting in rising premiums and 13 million Americans losing their health insurance over the next decade.

A coalition of 16 nonpartisan patient groups said in a joint statement that repealing the individual mandate is “a step backwards for individuals and families.” Six more groups representing insurers, hospitals, and doctors sent a letter urging Senate Republicans to rethink their proposal.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement on Senator Heller’s reckless plan:

“Nonpartisan medical experts are united against Senator Heller’s reckless plan because it would result in higher health care costs and millions more Americans having no health care at all — all to pay for tax breaks for billionaires and corporations. Dean Heller is once again breaking the promise he made to Nevadans, ignoring patient groups, hospitals and doctors, showing just how out of touch and partisan he has become.”