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Heller Votes to Hike Middle Class Taxes, Spike Health Insurance Premiums

Tonight, Nevada Senator Dean Heller just voted in committee in favor of the Republican tax bill, sending it to the floor of the Senate. Heller’s plan would slash taxes on the rich and big corporations – including a new tax giveaway on private jets. Those tax cuts are paid for by hiking taxes on the middle class and sabotaging the nation’s health care system.

The official nonpartisan tax analysts for Congress released a devastating report this week that found the Senate GOP’s bill would give large tax cuts to millionaires while raising taxes overall on American families earning less than $75,000 over the next decade.

Health care experts, patient advocacy groups and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office are also warning that the Senate GOP’s tax bill will spike health insurance premiums. The CBO estimates premiums will rise by about 10 percent in most years over the next decade in the individual market after Republicans snuck in a reckless repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement on Heller’s vote:

“Instead of delivering on his repeated promises to deliver tax relief for the middle class, Senator Heller just voted to raise taxes on Nevada’s working families and increase their health care costs while giving his billionaire donors a massive tax break. Thousands of regular Nevadans will get screwed by higher taxes and higher health care costs because of Senator Heller’s bill, while private jet owners get new tax relief. Senator Heller made a clear choice tonight to put his campaign donors ahead of his constituents. Nevadans are sick and tired of Senator Heller’s lies and broken promises in Washington, and that’s why they will vote him out of office in 2018.”