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Heller’s Vote Leads to Yucca Mountain Funding Renewal

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that President Trump’s Office of Management and Budget director, former South Carolina Congressman Mick Mulvaney, is claiming responsibility as the driving force behind putting $120 million into Trump’s spending plan to restart licensing for a nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain.

Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, along with every Democratic Senator, voted against Mulvaney’s controversial nomination to lead OMB back in February. But Nevada’s Senator Dean Heller cast a decisive vote to confirm Mulvaney as Trump’s budget chief.

“Mick Mulvaney, whose former district includes multiple nuclear power plants, made clear this week that he is the driving force in the Trump Administration trying to open Yucca Mountain as a nuclear repository,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel. “Nevadans have made clear for decades that they do not want their state to be a nuclear waste dump. Senator Heller is a spineless rubber stamp for Republican leadership, and his partisan vote to confirm President Trump’s pro-Yucca budget chief now appears to be fueling the misguided effort to revive Yucca Mountain.”


Dean Heller Voted To Confirm Mick Mulvaney As Director Of The Office Of Management And Budget On A 51-49 Vote. “On the Nomination of Mick Mulvaney, of South Carolina, to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Heller Voted Yea. The nomination was confirmed by a 51-49 vote.” [Senate.Gov, 2/16/17]

HEADLINE: “Trump’s Budget Chief Says Funding For Yucca Mountain Was His Idea.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/14/17]

OMB Director, Mick Mulvaney, Put $120 Million Into Trump’s Budget To Restart Yucca Mountain, Said “I Wrote The Budget And I Am Very Interested In Seeing That Issue Explored Further.” “President Donald Trump’s top budget man, Mick Mulvaney, solved a mystery Tuesday. Asked who put $120 million into Trump’s spending plan to restart licensing for a Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository and other interim storage, Mulvaney said he did. ‘Whose idea was to put it in there?’ the Office of Management and Budget director replied. ‘I wrote the budget and I am very interested in seeing that issue explored further. We have to put this stuff someplace. So the $120 million you saw, it was actually very minor. I’m surprised it got that much attention as it did. It’s only to explore the possibility of licensing.’” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/14/17]