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Does Heller Stand by His Support for Trump’s Unqualified Judicial Nominees?

As of this month, the American Bar Association has labeled four of President Trump’s federal judicial nominees as “not qualified” for the job. Meanwhile, Republican Senator Dean Heller is pushing his Senate colleagues to not go home until all of President Trump’s nominees are on the bench — and he apparently doesn’t care if they’re incompetent or unqualified. Senator Heller has even demanded that the Senate work through Thanksgiving in order to rush through the vetting and nomination process.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement on Heller’s support for these controversial judicial nominations:

“Senator Heller is so desperate to ingratiate himself to President Trump that he’s rushing to confirm judicial nominees who lack the basic experience or temperament needed to serve on the bench. If they’re confirmed, these reckless judges could decide cases that affect workplace safety, voting rights, women’s health, civil rights and so much more. Ignoring legal experts to confirm unqualified individuals for lifetime judicial appointments is just another way Senator Heller is putting partisan politics first. Every time Senator Heller votes for one of these incompetent judicial nominees, he is reminding Nevadans that he is also unfit to be their Senator.”