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Koch Brothers Already Spending $1 Million to Prop Up Their Puppet in Nevada Governor’s Race

Today, the super PAC backed by the billionaire Koch Brothers announced it will spend $1 million this month to prop up Adam Laxalt’s campaign for Governor. Just a few months ago, the most partisan and ideologically conservative AG in Nevada history was wining and dining with the Koch Network for a three-day private retreat at a luxury resort in Colorado.

“It’s no surprise that the billionaire Koch Brothers are going to be working tirelessly with Sheldon Adelson to prop up Adam Laxalt and try to install their right-wing puppet into the Governor’s mansion,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss. “The Koch Brothers and their network of shady front groups have been fighting tirelessly to repeal Governor Sandoval’s bipartisan increase in education funding and undermine Medicaid expansion. The Kochs are investing in Adam Laxalt because they know he will do what they say and fight for their dangerous ideological agenda. If he’s elected, Adam Laxalt will keep doing the bidding of far-right billionaires instead of working for regular Nevadans.”