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Open Health Care Enrollment Exposes How Heller & the GOP Have Sabotaged System, Pushed Costs Higher

Today, November 1, marks the start of open health care enrollment. It also marks the first time that Nevadans will experience the direct impact of the reckless and out of touch health care agenda that Senator Heller has been pushing in Washington.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement on the start of the open enrollment period:

“As the open enrollment period begins, Nevadans can thank Senator Heller for higher premiums and fewer options after his repeated efforts to ram through a dangerous health care plan. Senator Heller’s lengthy record of voting to sabotage and undermine the Affordable Care Act instead of working to fix it has injected chaos and instability into the health insurance market, pushing costs higher for regular Nevadans. Now, instead of listening to Governor Sandoval or joining 12 of his own Republican Senate colleagues in supporting a bipartisan bill to stabilize the health care system, Senator Heller is choosing to side with Mitch McConnell. Nevada voters are reminded once again that Senator Heller always puts himself and his party leaders ahead of what’s best for our state.”