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As New Poll Finds Heller Losing to Tarkanian, Tensions Rise in Nevada’s GOP Senate Primary This Week

JMC Analytics: Nevada Poll Results – Tarkanian 44%, Heller 38% (17% undecided)

Senator Heller’s problems are two-fold: (1) Tarkanian has higher approval ratings (59-24% vs 51-43% for Senator Heller), and (2) President Trump’s approval among Republicans is very high (85-13% favorable), and by a similar margin (86-11%), respondents are more likely to support a candidate who “actively supported the President’s agenda.”

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Elko Daily Free Press: Chuck Muth: Three anti-Trumpers down, Heller next on chopping block

Nevada Republican Sen. “DC Dean” Heller, politically speaking, is dead candidate walking. Stick a fork in him; he’s done.


In the flip-flopping process, he hasn’t won over a single Democrat voter while radicalizing an army of Nevada voters into #NeverHeller voters. The writing is on the wall. Even if he wins the GOP nomination, an iffy proposition for sure, he can’t win the general.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Victor Joecks: Tarkanian believes Trump wants him to beat Heller in GOP primary — VIDEO

“President Trump came to Nevada just before his election and he thanked me personally for supporting him when all the other GOP elected officials, including Dean Heller, repudiated Donald Trump during the election and said they wouldn’t vote for him. He thanked me for having the courage to do so, said I was his main man.

“I believe he will want me to win. How much he’ll come out publicly or not, I don’t know that answer. But I’ll tell you this: There’s no way Dean Heller can get away from the fact that he was a Never Trumper in the last election.”

Tarkanian also believes that Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake’s Tuesday announcement that he will not seek re-election in 2018 will bring more interest to the Nevada primary.

“It focuses national attention on the Nevada race,” Tarkanian said. “Before it was the Arizona race that was getting the most attention, because Sen. Flake had come out so strongly against President Trump. I think now all the focus in the primary will be on this race between myself and Dean Heller.”

KLAS Las Vegas: Tensions Rising Between Heller & Tarkanian, McConnell Becoming Issue in Senate Primary

KUNR Reno: Danny Tarkanian Challenging Sen. Heller for GOP Nomination

Political pundits from across the country have named Senator Dean Heller as one of the most vulnerable Republicans in Congress. And before he can even think about campaigning in a general election, he first has to make it past the primary where he’s facing opposition from the right.

The Hill: GOP Senate hopeful rips McConnell for ‘smearing’ conservatives

“I call on McConnell to get back to work and I denounce the smearing of conservatives,” he continued. “We don’t tolerate it on our school playgrounds and we shouldn’t tolerate it from our elected officials. I call on ‘DC’ Dean Heller to join me in publicly denouncing McConnell’s smear campaign.”

Tarkanian had been pressuring Heller to sign a petition saying he would not support McConnell as majority leader.

BuzzFeed News: This Five-Time Loser Is Steve Bannon’s Best Hope To Take Out A Republican Senator

Tarkanian attributed his most recent general election loss, in part, to being insufficiently aggressive in returning fire in the face of his opponent’s negative ads, and he pledged to go full bore against Heller. “I’m gonna roll up my sleeves and we’re gonna punch back harder than he’s gonna punch at us,” he said. “If I go down, it’s gonna go down in a bloody mess.”


“Danny Tarkanian is a Republican primary assassin,” said the source close to Bannon.