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CBO Score of Bipartisan Alexander-Murray Health Care Bill Highlights Heller’s Silence

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released its score today of the bipartisan Alexander-Murray health care deal, finding that the bill will stabilize coverage and reduce the deficit by nearly $4 billion.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement following the new CBO score:

“It should be a no-brainer for Dean Heller to support this bipartisan health care deal supported by 12 of his own Republican Senate colleagues, and his continued silence underscores just how extreme and partisan he’s become during his decade as a Washington politician. If Senator Heller can’t bring himself to support a bipartisan plan to stabilize the markets and reduce the deficit, it’s further proof that he’s more concerned about Danny Tarkanian’s primary challenge than doing what’s right for our state. Voters will hold Senator Heller accountable in 2018 for prioritizing his political career over Nevadans’ access to affordable health care.”

Earlier this year, 14 of Nevada’s 17 counties were at risk of having no health insurance provider on the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. Insurers have blamed federal uncertainty around Republican efforts to end cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments and repeal the Affordable Care Act. Market instability could have left the bulk of Nevada rural counties without coverage options in 2018.