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NV Dems: Dean Heller is a Loyal Foot Soldier for Mitch McConnell in the Senate

Yesterday, pro-Trump conservative businessman Danny Tarkanian signed a pledge promising to oppose Mitch McConnell for Senate Majority Leader and calling on unpopular incumbent Republican Senator Dean Heller to dump McConnell. Since he’s been voting with McConnell about nine times out 10 so far this year, it’s unlikely that Senator Heller would stand up to his party now and sign on to Tark’s pledge. After Senator Heller caved and broke his promise on health care this summer, a McConnell-linked super PAC said it was all in for Heller’s re-election and pledged to spend seven figures to defend him.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement:

“Dean Heller is a loyal foot soldier for Mitch McConnell in the Senate, and his steadfast support for McConnell’s agenda at the expense of Nevada families is poised to be a huge liability for 2018 – in the primary and the general election. After breaking his promise to protect our health care in exchange for the promise of McConnell’s super PAC money, Senator Heller has proven once and for all that he is a self-serving politician who will sell us out in Washington for his party’s leaders.”


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