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3 new stories on the Nevada GOP’s misleading, aggressive & frightening abuse of the recall process

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Southern Nevada voters complain of recall petitioners’ behavior

By Colton Lochhead
October 23, 2017

A group of Southern Nevadans shot off a letter Monday accusing recall petition canvassers of harassing voters and misrepresenting the recalls in an effort to gain signatures.

The letter was sent to the presidents of three committees that oversee the recall efforts of three state Senators — Joyce Woodhouse, D-Henderson; Nicole Cannizzaro, D-Las Vegas; and Patricia Farley, I-Las Vegas — and the committees’ respective presidents, Stephen Silberkraus, Claire Roth and Annalise Castor.

They said some canvassers have been aggressive and refused to leave when turned away by voters, accused Cannizzaro of “pocketing money from her constituents,” without evidence and have tried to tell voters they are signing an “anti-recall” petition that supports the three senators, and references written, anecdotal examples from constituents.

“We hereby demand that your canvassers immediately cease in engaging in the described conduct; otherwise we will be forced to take further legal action as the situation warrants,” the letter reads.

The letter was signed by a combined 10 residents from the three senate districts where the recall efforts are occurring.

The committee presidents, Silberkraus, Roth and Castor, could not be reached for comment Monday night, and have not returned several previous requests for comment from the Review-Journal. Phone numbers listed on two of the three recall petitions filed with Clark County and the Nevada Secretary of State appear to have been disconnected, and a third goes to a voicemail, which has not been set up and then hangs up.

Democrats have been working on a counter-recall campaign called “Decline to sign” since the early days of the efforts.

On Monday, the anti-recall group gained an odd bedfellow: Assemblyman Ira Hansen, who has for years been on of the Legislature’s most conservative voices.

Hansen tweeted that recalls are for “egregious breaches,” and added that they are “not warranted here.”

“Fairness over partisanship,” Hansen’s tweet read. “Let voters be heard at ballot box.”

The Nevada Independent: Ralston Reports: Documents: Recall campaigns intentionally misleading about Farley’s record, taking voters for suckers

By Jon Ralston
October 24th, 2017

Those seeking to recall state Sen. Patty Farley are using misleading scripts at the door that falsely imply she voted to raise taxes after she switched her party affiliation — scripts provided by a firm that has been retained for several cycles by state Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson, the man who actually shepherded the largest tax increase in history through the upper house in 2015.


The bottom line: These documents reveal that this is a well-organized and thoroughly deceptive campaign that is designed to reverse the 2016 election results so the Republicans can change a political map that otherwise would prevent them from having any chance to take over the upper house in 2018. And what you see below sheds more light on the dim character of those involved.

Refinery29: “A Frightening Precedent”: Inside The GOP’s Bid To Oust 3 Female Lawmakers

OCTOBER 24, 2017

Nicole Cannizzaro ran for office on the promise of improving educational and economic opportunities for her fellow Nevadans. And after voters sent her to the state Senate last November, she felt she had done just that.

So she was surprised, to say the least, when, in August, she came across an ominous tweet from a local reporter: Just ten months into her four-year term, someone was launching a campaign to trigger a special election and boot her from office.

“I was stunned, frankly,” the 34-year-old Democrat told Refinery29 in a recent interview. “There’s no crime I’ve committed, there’s been no money that’s been embezzled, there’s no scandal. It just came out of the blue.”

But though the attack felt random to Cannizzaro, it appears the effort to target the freshman senator was anything but. In fact, she’s one of three female senators in the state currently at risk of losing their job in an effort veteran political observers say is a blatant power grab by Republicans seeking to take back the state legislative majority they lost in the election. The off-year electoral attack in the Silver State has ignited a political battle that’s sparked allegations of shadowy motives (and money), claims of voter intimidation and harassment, and a legal fight. The outcome could alter the balance of power in Nevada’s legislature, knock back gains in gender parity in the capital, and impact the future of the state’s elections. It’s no surprise that the bid for power has also caught the attention of national Democratic players, who blast the tactic as part of a larger trend of Republicans manipulating political processes and rules to sway elections.