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NV Dems Statement on Dean Heller and Bipartisan Health Care Deal in the Senate

In response to President Trump and other extreme Republican politicians in Washington announcing their opposition to the bipartisan Alexander-Murray health care deal, Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement:

“Extreme Republicans in Washington are already trying to sink a bipartisan proposal in the Senate to stabilize our health care system and protect people from being burdened with even higher costs. Nevadans are counting on Senator Heller to stand up and speak out against his own party’s effort to wreck this bipartisan deal, but his silence so far shows that he’s still the same spineless career politician who always does what’s best for himself and his party leaders. Voters will rightly point the finger at Senator Heller for enabling President Trump’s destructive health care sabotage, and they will hold him accountable for it in 2018.”

Polling indicates that voters will blame Republicans like Senator Heller in 2018 for health care problems occurring while President Trump and Republicans in Congress control Washington.