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Adam Laxalt Declines to Join AGs Suing Trump Administration for Health Care Sabotage

After President Trump released plans to cut the Affordable Care Act’s cost-sharing reduction payments to health insurers, 19 Attorneys General across the country announced plans to sue the Trump Administration for its actions to raise health care costs for millions of Americans.

Not on the list: Adam Laxalt, the most partisan Attorney General in Nevada history.

“President Trump’s unilateral actions to defund these cost-sharing reduction payments are poised to inflict chaos and higher costs on Nevadans, and Adam Laxalt is once again sitting on the sidelines,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss. “This is just the latest example this year of Adam Laxalt refusing to speak up for Nevadans’ health care or stand up to the White House because of his own self-serving political calculations. Adam Laxalt’s inaction is aiding Trump’s destructive sabotage of the nation’s health care system, and Nevadans will hold him accountable for it in 2018.”

Earlier today, Nevada’s Republican Governor Brian Sandoval said Trump’s decision to end CSR payments would be “devastating” and that he plans to work with other governors in response.