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Will What Happens in Alabama Stay In Alabama? Danny Tarkanian Says No.

KSNV: Will what happens in Alabama stay in Alabama? Tarkanian says no

In a Las Vegas radio studio the day after, a Republican trying to do the same thing said what happened there will happen here.

“Well, I think it shows that beating an incumbent in a primary is not impossible and is very doable,” Danny Tarkanian told me moments after he had finished a live segment in the friendly confines of conservative Kevin Wall’s talk show on 790AM Talk Now.

Tarkanian is challenging incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Dean Heller.

“I think what we are seeing now is we are seeing conservatives start to assert themselves in state after state and it’s happening right here in Nevada,” Wall says.


But the GOP base is angry, and they like Trump — and they like candidates who support Trump. Tarkanian was with him since day one.

“He told me nine days before the election when he last came into Las Vegas – he thanked me for being the only person with courage enough to support him throughout the election. He got all upset when he talked about Heller and (2016 U.S. Senate candidate Joe) Heck who repudiated him, and he told me I was his main man,” Tarkanian says.


Nonetheless, experts say Heller would be foolish to ignore Tuesday’s results.

“Dean Heller should be nervous because if the base is much more in sync with Danny Tarkanian in the primary, Dean Heller’s in serious trouble,” says UNLV Associate Professor of History Michael Green.

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“It bodes very well for us because it shows that an incumbent U.S. senator, even with $9 million from McConnell’s super PAC, can lose reelection,” said Nevada Republican Danny Tarkanian, who is challenging Sen. Dean Heller.

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“People everywhere are outraged with the swamp, but there has been hesitation in some states among people who are thinking about it. They wondered whether these senators can be beat. This changes all of that,” said Danny Tarkanian, a GOP businessman running against Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.).

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“This shows it can be done,” said Danny Tarkanian, who is challenging Sen. Dean Heller in Nevada’s Republican primary. “It shows the amount of money McConnell and his super PACs put in the race can’t change the feeling that voters have right now.”