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Nevada Woman Battling Stage 4 Cancer Slams Senator Heller’s Health Care Position on MSNBC

In the health care debate, real people’s lives are on the line. Laura Packard is a Nevadan battling stage 4 cancer, and today she shared her message for Senator Dean Heller on MSNBC – watch the clip here.

Joan Walsh, The Nation: “And I would also add — last point — Laura’s Senator, Dean Heller, is not only a voice or a vote for the bill, potentially. He put his name on this bill. They named it — we don’t usually say the whole name — but it is the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson for Ron Johnson, because getting Dean Heller’s buy-in was so important to Senator Graham. It’s just mind-blowing. He is the most vulnerable Republican senator, as well he should be. This is not going to go over well for him.”

Laura Packard: “And I have a word to say about that, too. As my U.S. Senator, I feel extremely let down. We know that he knows this is a bad idea because he came out and did the press conference with Governor Sandoval a couple of months ago and talked about all the ways in which this bill would be bad for Nevada. So, we know he knows it. And so why is he now putting his name on it and trying to take away insurance from up to 32 million Americans? And put all of us with pre-existing conditions at risk? So, it doesn’t seem like he’s listening to the people of Nevada.”

ICYMI, here’s what Laura wrote last week in the Las Vegas Sun“I’m battling stage 4 cancer. The last thing I need is to be battling my own U.S. senator as well. I was so relieved when Heller said he’d stand up for us. But I was devastated when he voted to repeal the ACA and let us all down… If Heller wants to keep his promise to the people of Nevada, he must drop his support for this harmful bill… Our lives should be more important than Heller’s rich donors.”