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REPORT: Nevada Would See $639 MILLION In Health Care Funding Cuts Under Heller’s Repeal Plan

After yesterday’s formal unveiling of the Heller-Cassidy-Graham-Johnson bill to repeal health care, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released a new report explaining the devastating effects that this Republican plan would have on states. Nevada would face severe federal funding cuts adding up to $639 million by 2026.

CBPP released a similar analysis back when Heller-Cassidy-Graham was first drafted, which predicted Nevada would face federal funding cuts adding up to $257 million by 2026. So this plan became significantly worse in its final version, more than doubling federal health care funding cuts for Nevada – and Heller’s claim that this proposal will be good for Nevada turned out to be a bold-faced lie.

Between the two analyses, Heller has been concocting the specifics of Heller-Cassidy-Graham behind closed doors with President Trump, who now supports the plan.

Some of the report’s other key findings:

  • “States wouldn’t be able to maintain their coverage gains under the ACA. Instead, Cassidy-Graham, like the earlier House and Senate repeal-and-replace bills, would cause many millions of people to lose coverage.”
  • “Like prior House and Senate Republican repeal bills, the Graham-Cassidy bill would radically restructure and cut the rest of Medicaid, outside of the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.”
  • “The result would be deep cuts to federal Medicaid spending for seniors, people with disabilities, families with children, and other adults (apart from those affected by the bill’s elimination of the Medicaid expansion)… These cuts would grow in coming decades.”



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