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NV Dems Response to Senator Heller’s Destructive Health Care Repeal Plan

Today, Senator Dean Heller continued his partisan crusade to pass a Republican health care repeal bill that would gut federal health care funding for Nevada, weaken critical health protections, and make health care access more expensive for working families and older Americans. Heller appeared at a press conference today in Washington to tout the bill.

“Senator Heller is apparently more interested in Rick Santorum’s input on health care than listening to the will of his constituents in Nevada,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II. “If Senator Heller hasn’t realized by now that Nevadans are demanding bipartisan improvements to the Affordable Care Act instead of a partisan repeal, he’s even more out of touch than we suspected. This bill is just as dangerous and destructive as previous Republican repeal efforts that were reviled by voters, and it clearly violates Senator Heller’s public promise to oppose deep cuts to Medicaid and protect states like Nevada that expanded Medicaid coverage for our most vulnerable citizens. Senator Heller’s full-throated embrace of this last-ditch attempt at jamming through the GOP’s toxic health care agenda exposes him once again as an ideological extremist and a blatant liar.”

Background: A recent analysis estimates that Nevada could lose more than $250 million in federal health care funding over the next decade under this proposal. The Heller-Cassidy-Graham-Johnson repeal bill also includes $2.6 trillion in Medicaid cuts starting in 2027.