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Nevada AG Adam Laxalt Fails to Join Lawsuit Challenging Trump’s DACA Decision

It’s been three days since the Trump administration announced plans to rescind DACA, and politicians across Nevada have offered their opinions, both for and against the decision.

Attorneys General are at the center of this national debate. This week, 15 AGs announced a lawsuit challenging Trump’s decision to punish DREAMers. Before that, Trump was initially under political pressure to make a decision on DACA because of the threat of suit from 10 other AGs.

So now the question falls to Adam Laxalt: why hasn’t Nevada joined the lawsuit challenging Trump’s decision to end DACA?

In Nevada, elected officials from both parties let voters know where they stand. But Laxalt, the statewide elected official in Nevada who can actually take immediate action on this issue, has not said one word. Laxalt is running for a promotion next year while staying virtually silent on every major policy issue. But hiding on DACA is especially egregious: it’s literally his job to have an opinion.

“The question is simple: why hasn’t Adam Laxalt joined the lawsuit defending DACA?” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss. “While attorneys general around the country are stepping up to lead, Adam Laxalt has gone into hiding. Nevadans are counting on their Attorney General to protect our state’s 13,000 young DREAMers from being deported from the only country they’ve ever known as home, but Adam Laxalt continues to disappoint.”

To date, Laxalt has shown zero interest in protecting Nevada’s DREAMers. In 2015, Laxalt added the State of Nevada to a lawsuit opposing President Obama’s immigration executive action with the goal of deporting DREAMers and tearing immigrant families apart. Laxalt is currently scheduled to appear this month at an event with disgraced former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a criminal and notorious bigot who racially profiled Latinos in Arizona.