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STATEMENTS – Assemblywoman Diaz & Senator Cancela Condemn Trump’s Decision to Terminate DACA

Las Vegas, NV – Today, the Trump Administration announced its plans to terminate President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Nevada Assemblywoman and Hispanic Legislative Caucus Chair Olivia Diaz and Nevada State Senator Yvanna Cancela released the following statements condemning President Trump’s decision.

Assemblywoman and Hispanic Legislative Caucus Chair Olivia Diaz:

“President Trump’s painful and callous decision to end DACA is an insult to Nevada’s Hispanic community and an affront to a state whose economy is powered by hardworking immigrants. The thousands of DREAMers who became DACA recipients in Nevada are our friends and family, our students and classmates, our neighbors and co-workers. They love America because it’s their home. Trump’s White House continues to demonize and fear-monger against immigrants for partisan political gain instead of governing with responsibility and common sense. Nevada’s Hispanic community will never forget that President Trump gutted the DACA program and put these young men and women at risk of being deported. As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, I will continue standing up for our DREAMers and demanding this Congress pass a permanent and bipartisan legislative solution to protect them.”

State Senator Yvanna Cancela:

“I’m thoroughly disappointed in President Trump’s decision to eliminate DACA, but I’m not surprised that he has once again decided to stand against immigrant families. Our communities and employers have benefited from the skills and experiences DACA recipients have shared. In Nevada, more than 13,000 DACA recipients will be affected by Trump’s actions, and our state will feel the blow when more than $600 million in annual GDP losses are drained from our economy. But numbers do not tell the whole story of the families and friends who now fear being torn apart. I know the tenacity of DREAMers and their allies has only been strengthened by this terrible decision, and I’m committed to ensuring we do everything we can as a state to embrace immigrant families who have made this a better country. Trump will never change our resolve.”