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HELLER: “I’ve Always Supported the Border Wall,” Let’s Make Sure Congress Gives Trump the Funding He Needs to Build The Wall

In an interview with NBC News yesterday, Republican Senator Dean Heller – locked in a brutal primary with pro-Trump conservative businessman Danny Tarkanian – said he’s “always supported the border wall” and said Congress should give President Trump the down-payment funding he needs to start building a wall between the United States and Mexico.

After a decade in Washington, Dean Heller’s record includes voting to defund DACA, opposing the DREAM Act and supporting an end to birthright citizenship for “anchor babies” (his words)!

“President Trump’s new BFF Dean Heller is now on the record supporting Trump’s plan to waste billions of dollars on a physical border wall with Mexico,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss. “Instead of being fiscally responsible with our tax dollars, Senator Heller is making a political calculation to help Trump deliver on an offensive campaign promise and pander to the extreme anti-immigrant wing of the Republican Party.”