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NV Dems Launch Custom Snapchat Filter for Adam Laxalt’s Trumpfest

Today, the Nevada State Democratic Party launched a custom Snapchat filter for Adam Laxalt’s self-aggrandizing Basque Fry Trumpfest. While Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Ted Cruz had to cancel, Laxalt’s gathering of right-wing, out-of-state politicians will still feature speeches from the likes of Allen West (failed Tea Party Congressman) and Susana Martinez (shady New Mexico Governor).

The NV Dems Snapchat geofilter highlights Adam Laxalt’s full-throated embrace of the Trump agenda as he panders to the most extreme elements of the GOP. Laxalt personally greeted President Trump at the Reno airport this week, he continued his deafening silence on Trump’s defense of white supremacists, and his PAC is now auctioning off an autographed Trump portrait at today’s event.

“In his brief time in our state, Adam Laxalt has proven himself to be a Trump-inspired extremist, an unethical puppet for billionaire Sheldon Adelson, and the most partisan and self-serving Attorney General in Nevada’s history,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II. “Adam Laxalt’s record shows that he’s nothing more than an empty suit seeking an unwarranted political promotion. Laxalt’s inability to stand up for Nevadans’ health care or even denounce violent white supremacists has been a stark reminder that he is too far outside the mainstream to hold public office in Nevada.”

Despite the hype, Laxalt is actually a resume-inflating opportunist who moved to Nevada just a few years ago for the sole purpose of running for political office.