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Letter to RGJ: “Laxalt’s silence on Trump inexcusable”

Last week, President Trump eagerly defended white supremacists as “fine people” and blamed “both sides” for violence after they terrorized Charlottesville, Virginia.

America’s veterans deserve to hear an apology from President Trump when he’s in Reno. There’s no excuse for his comments emboldening the alt-right. To be silent in the face of this behavior is to condone it. Our elected leaders muststand up and speak out.

Attorney General Laxalt’s continued silence on Charlottesville and the President’s behavior is inexcusable, and it shows he’s unfit for public office. Laxalt is giving permission to Trump to create a false moral equivalence between peaceful protestors and violent neo-Nazis. It’s no secret that Adam Laxalt wants a promotion next year. But history won’t forget who stood on the sidelines while Trump gave white supremacists his tacit approval to spread hate in our communities. When Adam Laxalt greets the President in Reno, he has a duty to urge Trump to admit he was wrong.

Note – Alex Goff is a Marine Corps veteran and chairman of the Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus.

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