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Ahead of Trump Visit, Northern Nevada Veterans Call on AG Adam Laxalt to Break His Silence on Charlottesville & President’s Defense of White Supremacists

Reno, NV – Today at the Washoe Dems headquarters, Northern Nevada veterans responded to President Trump’s upcoming visit to Reno and called on Attorney General Adam Laxalt to stand up against Trump’s decision to defend white supremacists in Charlottesville as “fine people” and blaming “both sides” for violence. Trump has yet to apologize or admit he was wrong, while a growing number of Republicans in other states have publicly condemned Trump’s remarks.

For more than a week, Adam Laxalt has been conspicuously silent on Charlottesville and President Trump’s inadequate response. The most partisan Attorney General in Nevada history just announced that he will personally greet Trump in Reno tomorrow.

“There is no excuse for Trump’s comments defending white supremacists, and there is no excuse for Adam Laxalt’s cowardly silence,” said U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus Chair Alex Goff. “Veterans deserve to hear nothing less than a full-throated apology from President Trump in Reno. It’s unbelievable that someone who wants to be Nevada’s next Governor refuses to condemn neo-Nazis and the KKK and is now making a political calculation to look the other way on President Trump’s hateful rhetoric and failed leadership.”

“The vile display of racism from white supremacists in Charlottesville was an attack on our democracy and an affront to our humanity, and Nevada’s top law enforcement officer has a responsibility to speak out against it,” U.S. Navy veteran and Washoe County Democratic Veterans Committee Chair Graham Stafford. “America is no place for racists, and Adam Laxalt’s decision to stand on the sidelines tolerates bigotry and condones Trump’s behavior.”

This week, 66 former Attorneys General signed onto a statement calling on Trump not to “equivocate” in the face of hate. The bipartisan group included three former Nevada AGs: Republican Brian McKay and Democrats Richard Bryan and Frankie Sue Del Papa.