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NV Dems Respond to Senator Roberson’s Latest Political Endeavor

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement on the news that State Senator Michael Roberson will try to run for Lieutenant Governor in 2018:

“After so many years of bringing distasteful Washington-style political games to Carson City, Tom DeLay protégé Michael Roberson has earned his reputation as Nevada’s nastiest and most disliked politician. Senator Roberson’s one and only priority is furthering his own political ambitions, but Nevadans deserve better than Adam Laxalt’s power-hungry water boy as their next Lieutenant Governor. If he can avoid losing another Republican primary, Democrats will beat Senator Roberson in the general election. After 2018, Senator Roberson can look forward to joining Mark Hutchison in the private sector or becoming a perennial political candidate just like Danny Tarkanian.”

Senator Roberson is running for yet another political office after a devastating 2016 election cycle. Roberson got crushed in the GOP primary for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, then lost the Republican majority in the State Senate, and sacrificed his own dignity in the process.

Senator Roberson has often changed his positions for political expediency in Carson City. He started out as a Tea Party extremist, then supported a tax increase on the mining industry in 2013, then pushed through the largest tax increase in Nevada history in 2015, and then spent the entirety of the 2017 session trying to compensate for his humiliating primary loss to Danny Tarkanian.