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Did Trump Wait Too Long to Condemn White Supremacists? Dean Heller Won’t Say.

In Reno today, Republican Senator Dean Heller was asked a simple question by a reporter: Did Trump wait too long to condemn the white supremacists behind the violence this weekend in Charlottesville?

Heller’s response: “I don’t want to answer that question.” 

Watch the full exchange here, via the Reno Gazette-Journal’s Anjeanette Damon.

@RalstonReports: Reporter: “Did he wait too long to do it?”
Heller: “I don’t want to answer that question?”
Why should he? It’s not like he’s a US senator.

@mkraju: Heller, facing primary against pro-Trump candidate, praises Trump statement today and won’t say he waited too long.

@realaxelfoley: Being a senator must be the best job in the world or debasing yourself this much wouldn’t make sense.