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Another Day, Another Lie: Senator Heller Isn’t Giving Up on ACA Repeal

On Friday, Republican Senator Dean Heller’s office told the Las Vegas Sun in a statement that he was looking “forward to working with my colleagues on bipartisan solutions” on health care.

That same day, Senator Heller was actually in a secret meeting at the Trump White House, pitching yet another Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act that would still cut hundreds of billions of dollars from coverage programs and cause millions of Americans to lose health insurance.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement on Republican Senator Dean Heller’s health care lies: 

“Another day, another lie from Senator Heller. While Senator Heller’s PR team says he’s working across the aisle on health care, the Senator himself was secretly meeting at the Trump White House to help pitch another partisan repeal plan. If we’ve learned anything these last few weeks, it’s that Dean Heller’s word means nothing. Nevada voters are sick and tired of being deceived by their Senator, and they’re going to replace him in 2018.”

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