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Good Question: What The Hell Was Dean Heller Thinking?

HuffPost: What The Hell Was Dean Heller Thinking?

He hemmed and hawed on health care. He also may have sealed his re-election fate.

Sen. Dean Heller blew it.

It’s hard to imagine a more terrible way for a moderate like the Nevada Republican to handle an extremely unpopular piece of legislation like the Senate health care bill, which went down in flames early Friday.

At just about every turn over the past few weeks, the vulnerable senator who faces re-election next year danced haphazardly from one position to the other and everywhere in between. By enthusiastically embracing criticisms of the bill while simultaneously voting to advance it several times, Heller may have seriously damaged his reputation among liberals and conservatives.

POLITICO: Republicans brace for 2018 Obamacare fallout

Democrats also quickly targeted Nevada Sen. Dean Heller — the only GOP senator up in 2018 from a state Clinton won last year — for backing the failed Senate plan.

KKOH Reno: Nevada Dems Torch Heller For Repeal Vote

The Nevada Democratic Party delivered a harsh assessment of Senator Dean Heller’s vote for the failed “Skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act. Party Chairman William McCurdy II says Heller “Walked the plank for President Trump and proved he’s been playing Nevadan’s for fools.” McCurdy says the vote was a moral test and Heller failed miserably when he voted for a plan that would raise premiums by 20% a year and strip healthcare from 16 million Americans.

The Nevada Independent: Despite Heller’s support, Senate rejects ‘skinny repeal’ of Affordable Care Act in high-theater vote 

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval and nine other governors sent a letter to Senate leadership on Wednesday declaring their opposition to a skinny repeal.

“The Senate should also reject efforts to amend the bill into a ‘skinny repeal,’ which is expected to accelerate health plans leaving the individual market, increase premiums, and result in fewer Americans having access to coverage,” the governors wrote. “Instead, we ask senators to work with governors on solutions to problems we can all agree on: fixing our unstable insurance markets. Improvements should be based on a set of guiding principles, which include controlling costs and stabilizing the market, that will positively impact the coverage and care of millions of Americans, including many who are dealing with mental illness, chronic health problems, and drug addiction.”

A spokeswoman for Sandoval did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Thursday.

Nevada Appeal: ‘Skinny’ repeals fails; Nevada’s Heller votes yes

Reno Gazette-Journal: After weeks of waffling, Heller votes ‘yes’ on failed ‘skinny repeal’ of Obamacare

Daily Kos: Dean Heller’s awful, stupid, really dumb Trumpcare vote 

@daveweigel: You can slow down CSpan to the moment where Dean Heller realized he just cast a toxic vote for no reason.

@HotlineJosh: Strictly on political grounds, Dean Heller couldn’t look much worse than he did from health care debacle. Misplayed all his cards.

@JRubinBlogger: and Heller got suckered into voting for this? bwahahaahahaha!

@igorbobic: In which I try, but probably fail, to channel my best @RalstonReports on just WTF Dean Heller was thinking

@mmcauliff: Heller and Flake are up for re-election. How do they look next to McCain in the sure-to-run ads?

@RalstonReports: Interesting that Heller still voted YES after McCain was NO. Maybe keeping commitment? Unclear if angry primary voters mollified, either.