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RECAP: Senator Heller Created a Total Self-Inflicted Mess for Himself on Health Care This Week, Infuriating Everyone


After his deciding vote for health care repeal, Democrats are making Heller their number one target:

Roll Call: Democrats Zero In on Heller as Senate Starts Health Care Votes

POLITICO: Heller defends health care vote amid Democratic attacks

KNPR: Heller Fires Up Democrats Over Healthcare, Head of DNC Says

Nevadans are furious with Heller for caving to Trump: 

KVVU Las Vegas: Ranters sound off on Sen. Heller and health care

KKOH Reno: Healthcare Protests Planned For Reno and Las Vegas This Weekend

Los Angeles Times: Sen. Dean Heller votes to debate Obamacare repeal bill, and Nevadans give him an earful

Progressive groups are already launching brutal new ads: 

@Alex_Roarty: > @prioritiesUSA continues Dem attack on Dean Heller, running this digital spot for 3 to 5 weeks in Nevada, per spox

@RalstonReports: And a six-figure TV/digital buy coming from Save My Care vs. Heller: 

Las Vegas Sun: ‘Save my son’s health care’: New TV ads seek to pressure Heller 

Republicans in Nevada are revolting at Heller’s hypocrisy:

@DannyTarkanian: NV @SenDeanHeller voted AGAINST @randpaul Obamacare repeal bill today, the same bill he voted FOR just 2 years ago. #NVSEN 

@afpnevada: Hey @SenDeanHeller, why did you vote to preserve #Obamacare despite voting to repeal it two years ago?

@ColtonLochhead: Nevada arm of the Koch Brothers-funded @AFPhq on the offensive against @SenDeanHeller after he voted against 2 Obamacare repeal bills today

Heller’s sham amendment on Medicaid got crushed in a humiliating 10-90 vote:

@Alexruoff: Senate going to vote on a ‘sense of the Senate’ that Medicaid is important, sponsored by Dean Heller. The showiest of show votes.

@CharlesPPierce: This symbolic amendment on the importance of Medicaid is completely insulting, and it won’t get Dean Heller re-elected. 

@Taniel: This is PEAK Heller. A *non-binding* statement of abstract support for Medicaid. 

@igorbobic: Heller’s show vote on Medicaid goes down in flames 

The Nevada Independent: Heller-sponsored amendment expressing symbolic support for Medicaid, ACA repeal fails to move forward in overwhelming 10-90 vote

@RalstonReports: Translation: Dean Heller has only nine friends in the Senate. Sad!

Ralston Reports — Morning Flash: “Team Heller folks decided it would be brilliant to present a nonbinding, purely symbolic measure supporting something he has never supported until now”

Senator Heller embraced the GOP’s latest repeal scheme:

@burgessev: Heller on skinny repeal: “we’ll see at the end of the day what’s in it, but overall I think I’d support it.

POLITICO: “Another Republican from an expansion state, Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada indicated he would back [the so-called skinny repeal].” 

Roll Call: “Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, who just a few weeks earlier expressed deep concerns with the GOP proposal to revamp the U.S. health insurance system before voting on Tuesday in support of a motion to proceed to debate on a House-passed repeal and replace measure, said he viewed the slimmed down approach ‘favorably.’”

Hours later, the nonpartisan CBO released devastating new numbers on the so-called “skinny repeal” plan and Governor Sandoval condemned the idea in a bipartisan letter:

Vox: Dems asked CBO to score rumored “skinny repeal”: It would leave 16 million more uninsured

@meganmesserly: “The Senate should also reject efforts to amend the bill into a ‘skinny repeal.'” — @GovSandoval and nine other govs 

@ColtonLochhead: @GovSandoval against the GOP Senate repeal efforts, including the new “skinny” repeal. @SenDeanHeller said this morning he would back it.

The Nevada Independent: Heller says he will vote for ‘skinny repeal’ if Medicaid left intact; Sandoval signs letter opposing it