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ICYMI – Hugh Hewitt vs. Dean Heller

Yesterday, Senator Heller told Axios in a trainwreck interview that his answer on health care “depends on the individual” and that he is now undecided on the GOP’s repeal plan. Heller’s disingenuous attempts to please everyone on health care aren’t working because he’s infuriating both sides: Democrats and independents know they can’t trust him… and neither can the Republican base.

This past week:

@hughhewitt: But to be clear, it began w/ @DeanHeller. If #RepealPlus2Years fails he has to be replaced, even if by a D.

The Hugh Hewitt Show: “Whoever’s running against you in the primary, I’m for them, and then I think the Democrat ought to win. I think Dean Heller ought to be out of the Senate. Absolutely, 100 percent.”

New York Times: “As the radio host Hugh Hewitt took calls from irate listeners, he predicted political ruin for Republican senators, like Dean Heller of Nevada, who had opposed the bill. ‘Boy, are people mad,’ he said. ‘They are mad as hell.’”

The Hill: “Conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt trained his ire on Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.), arguably the most endangered GOP Senate incumbent in 2018, for opposing the repeal and replace bill. Hewitt questioned Heller’s intelligence, saying on his Tuesday show that he’s not the ‘sharpest knife in the drawer’ and accusing him of not grasping the damage he was doing to the Republican Party.”

Business Insider: “‘Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt called out the group of Republican senators who have refused to vote for the GOP healthcare bill, comparing them to a “Games of Thrones” kill list and promising to campaign against them… ‘I think Dean Heller is doomed unless this thing moves on,’ Hewitt told Thune. ‘I’ll be campaigning against him every single day. Is there a reality check? Do people understand … how outraged the base is?’ In a tweet, Hewitt said he would rather Heller be replaced by a Democrat than have him serve another term…”

Washington Examiner: “Hewitt said Republicans could have a stronger hold on the Senate after 2018. He expects Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., to lose next year as a result of his leading role as a repeal and replace doubter.”

Washington Post: Hugh Hewitt: “Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) is a dead man walking…”

Last month:

Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC’s MTP Daily: “Dean Heller is an ex-Senator if he votes against this bill.” [6/25/17]

The Hugh Hewitt Show: “Dean Heller is gonna lose… Dean Heller has been a moron. I’m sorry, I’m just being blunt: Dean Heller is not going to win the spelling bee… I don’t know how he ended up in the United States Senate… There are only 100 Senators, and if you line them up, smartest to least smart, I don’t know what the last 10 in that line is, but one of them has got initials D.H.” [6/27/17]