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While Governor Sandoval Wields Outsize Clout Against ACA Repeal, Laxalt Silent on GOP Health Care Debacle

Las Vegas, NV – The Republican health care debacle has consumed the political debate in Washington for months and thrust Nevada into the national spotlight. Republican Governor Brian Sandoval, the nation’s first Republican governor to expand Medicaid, has repeatedly positioned himself as a vocal opponent of the GOP’s reckless efforts to repeal and dismantle the Affordable Care Act instead of fixing it. Governor Sandoval has wielded outsize clout over the repeal debate in Washington this year and been described as “the Senate’s 53rd Republican.”

But the uninspiring Republican running to replace Sandoval? Not so much. Attorney General Adam Laxalt – who ran against the ACA in 2014 with frothing rhetoric – now won’t say where he stands. Instead of following Sandoval’s lead, the most partisan Attorney General in Nevada history has been schmoozing with the Koch Brothers and hiding his position on health care.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement:

“Instead of following Governor Sandoval’s example, Adam Laxalt is hoping to skate by in cowardly silence while billionaires like Sheldon Adelson buy this election for him. If Laxalt doesn’t have the backbone to take a position on his party’s toxic health care repeal efforts, he shouldn’t be running for public office. Nevada’s working families deserve a Governor who will stand up against Trump and fight for their health care.”