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UPDATE: We Found Adam Laxalt… at a Luxury Resort with the Koch Brothers, Talking About How Trumpcare Isn’t Conservative Enough

Despite Adam Laxalt’s best efforts at a disappearing act on the GOP’s toxic health care bill – we found him! This weekend, the most partisan Attorney General in Nevada history joined the billionaire Koch Brothers from Kansas and a select group of other far-right Republican politicians for a three-day private retreat at a luxury resort in Colorado.

The main topic of conversation: Trumpcare!

And guess what? They believe it doesn’t go far enough and is insufficiently conservative.

“Attorney General Laxalt spent the weekend schmoozing with the Koch Brothers, begging right-wing donors for campaign cash, and discussing an alarming agenda to take away your health care to pay for tax cuts for billionaires. Nevadans can now safely assume that Adam Laxalt agrees with the Koch agenda and supports efforts to make the GOP’s health care repeal bill meaner and more extreme, with even deeper cuts to Medicaid.” — Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss

ICYMI – It’s not just the Koch Brothers… Laxalt mega-donor Sheldon Adelson also has a lot to gain (more than $40 million a year!) from Trumpcare’s massive tax cuts for the wealthy.