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Dean Heller “Created Many of His Own Problems” on Health Care

POLITICO: Trump political arm to GOP: Get in line

“America First Policies, a White House-backed outside group led by the president’s top campaign advisers, has launched a $1 million attack against Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada… Senior Republicans, many of whom are deeply worried about Heller’s political standing and increasingly nervous about the midterms, were shocked and spent the weekend measuring the possible fallout.”

Washington Examiner: Pro-Trump group ‘not giving’ Sen. Dean Heller ‘a second chance’ on GOP healthcare bill

“‘We were always making multiple creative ads in the event that Heller changed his mind, but we’re not giving him a second chance,’ Erin Montgomery, spokesman for America First Policies, told the Washington Examiner. ‘We are moving forward with ads regardless, we’re not waiting on him to change his mind. The content of the ad may fluctuate somewhat depending on him, but we’re still moving forward with the ads.’”

Steve Sebelius on KLAS Las Vegas: “The politics are bad for [Heller] no matter what he does on this issue”

Alan Stock on KLAS Las Vegas: “Heller’s going to have some difficulties because… he does try to play both sides of the fence” 

Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC’s MTP Daily: “Dean Heller is an ex-Senator if he votes against this bill”

Helene Cooper on NBC’s Meet The Press: Dean Heller “did look like he was in a hostage video” at health care press conference

The Nevada Independent: Ralston Reports: Why Dean Heller will not be re-elected

“It’s hard to feel sympathy for Heller, who created many of his own problems because he is afflicted with Non-Straight-Answer Disorder… Politics is no different than life: If you try to please everyone, you please no one. And that is where Heller is now: He has a base problem because he was similarly equivocal during 2016 about the president and now is on record opposing the bill Donald Trump supports. And even though he is now on the side that indies and Democrats like on health care, they don’t trust him to stick to his word.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Super PAC plans $1 million ad buy targeting Heller

“Nevada’s Republican Sen. Dean Heller placed himself in the wobbly space between two tectonic plates set to collide when he announced Friday that he would not support President Donald Trump’s American Health Care plan “in this form.” The beltway newsletter Axios dubbed the move a ‘public waffling.’”

New York Times: Health Law Repeal Leaves Nevada Republican Torn Between Lawmakers

“Democrats also want Mr. Heller, but in the form of an unemployed senator. As the only Republican who is up for re-election next year in a state that Hillary Clinton won, he may be their only shot at picking up a seat. Democrats and health care interest groups have been unloading on Mr. Heller all spring with no end in sight. Far-right Republicans in his state — who strongly support President Trump — also have their eyes on Mr. Heller to see if he will abandon the president…

“‘Now he in this position of his own making,’ Mr. Ralston said, ‘pressed by Trump people on one side, so he has a base problem, while the other side is running the most relentless digital protest campaign on any piece of legislation I have ever seen in this state.’ The threat on Mr. Heller’s right flank is real, as shown by former Representative Joe Heck, who during his race for a Senate seat in Nevada last year openly opposed Mr. Trump. Conservative voters stayed home and Mr. Heck lost to a Democrat.”

Wall Street Journal: Nevada Senator’s Opposition to Health Bill Highlights Political Pressures

“Since President Donald Trump’s election, an energized Democratic base has mobilized against Mr. Heller. Hecklers have disrupted private events and greeted his public appearances. On the airwaves, outside groups including Planned Parenthood Federation of America, AARP, a coalition of hospitals, and the Senate Democrats’ campaign arm have hammered him with millions of dollars in negative advertising focused on health care. Mr. Heller’s decision on Friday, should he stick to it, could blunt those attacks. But they risk inflaming Nevada’s Republican base by arguably standing in the way of a seven-year GOP promise to uproot the 2010 health law. ‘He thinks this will endear him to the left, but they hate him anyway. They can’t stand him,’ said Alan Stock, a conservative talk-show host on Las Vegas’s CBS radio affiliate.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Victor Joecks: Sandoval’s opposition drives Heller away from Obamacare repeal

“This is a no-win situation for Heller, who’s running for re-election in 2018… Sandoval’s Medicaid moves on the American Health Care Act have put Heller’s political career on life support.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Editorial: Senate Republicans walking fine line with health care proposal

“One key vote is Nevada Sen. Dean Heller. His seat is one of the few in the upper chamber that Democrats believe they can flip in 2018, and he has faced a constant barrage of attacks from leftist operatives, particularly over the Medicaid issue. Sen. Heller has long argued for the repeal of Obamacare. He badly miscalculates, and risks alienating his core supporters, if he believes that any capitulation on health care will quiet the progressive mob.”