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STATEMENT: NV Dems Chair on Mitch McConnell’s Permission Slip for Dean Heller on Health Care Bill

Las Vegas, NV Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement responding to Senator Heller’s press conference today:

“Mitch McConnell may be handing out a permission slip for Dean Heller to vote no, but the fact remains that Dean Heller owns his party’s destructive health care repeal effort. Dean Heller has been blindly voting with Washington Republicans to slash Medicaid funding and gut the Affordable Care Act for the past seven years, including a vote for more than $1.3 trillion in Medicaid cuts in 2015 – even bigger than what it’s in the AHCA. In January, Dean Heller voted for the partisan budget resolution that paved the way for allowing Senate Republicans to pass this toxic plan with just 50 votes. Lying, equivocating and muddying the waters is Dean Heller’s political playbook, but his voting history on health care speaks for itself. The damage to Dean Heller’s flailing re-election campaign was already done long before this desperate press conference.”