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Will Senator Heller Denounce the Republican Effort to Restrict Press Access in the Capitol?


POLITICO: “Heller also rarely speaks to reporters in Washington, often using routes in the Capitol to avoid the media.


Today, Senate Republicans announced they will no longer allow reporters to film interviews with Senators in hallways:

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The Hill: Senate Republicans crack down on press access

Vox: Senate Republicans are cracking down on TV interviews in Congress’s hallways

ThinkProgress: Senate GOP unilaterally moves to restrict press access at the Capitol

Boston Globe: Senate Republicans abruptly restrict TV news cameras in congressional corridors


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss: “Senator Heller is already notorious for going to great lengths to dodge the press when he’s in Washington, and hide from his constituents when he’s in Nevada. Dean Heller must immediately denounce this alarming crackdown that breaks years of precedent, because his silence right now is a tacit endorsement of these new restrictions on the freedom of the press.”