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Sen. Dean Heller embracing GOP’s secret health care repeal bill

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss: “Just like he said he would, Senator Heller is embracing the GOP’s health care repeal bill that is being written in secret behind closed doors. Just last week, Heller endorsed ending federal funding for Medicaid expansion and stripping coverage from more than 200,000 Nevadans. No matter what cover Heller tries to give himself to vote for this, it’s clear that the disastrous Republican health care plan is deeply unpopular and will harm hundreds of thousands of his constituents.”

The Hill: Senate GOP sees path to ObamaCare repeal


A path is emerging for Senate Republicans to pass their ObamaCare repeal bill, even though there are major obstacles ahead.

Critically, Senate moderates are indicating that they can agree to ending the additional federal funds for ObamaCare’s expansion of Medicaid, albeit on a slower timetable than other Republicans want.

A compromise on Medicaid funding would remove one of the biggest obstacles for the bill.

The moderates want the phaseout of the Medicaid funding to take seven years, while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) proposed three years on Tuesday.

“Mitch is listening to everybody’s concerns and there’s a back and forth. I think we’re slowly getting closer,” Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) said Thursday. “It’s moving in the right direction.”