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Where’s Dean Heller, and Why Hasn’t He Held a Town Hall in Southern Nevada?

Las Vegas, NV – At a raucous town hall in Reno in April, Republican Senator Dean Heller was pressed by constituents on why he had been so reluctant to hold a town with his constituents. Some Nevadans had driven all the way up from Las Vegas for the rare opportunity to ask their questions.

Here’s what Senator Heller said in response:

“We’ll take a look at more. And we’ll take a look at them in the Southern end of the state also.” (VIDEO)

Six weeks later, Dean Heller STILL hasn’t bothered to schedule a town hall in Southern Nevada. In fact, instead of answering questions from his constituents during this week’s recess, Heller signed up to speak at a Chamber of Commerce “conversations” event… in San Antonio, Texas. (It appears the event, scheduled for today, has now been mysteriously canceled.)

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement:

“Where is Dean Heller, and why is he hiding from Southern Nevadans? While Senator Heller is no doubt worried that he’ll have to explain his pro-Trump voting record and Congressman Amodei won’t be there to run interference, that’s no excuse for hiding from his constituents. If Dean Heller is too chicken to answer questions at a town hall in Southern Nevada, where two-thirds of his constituents live and work, he shouldn’t be a United States Senator.”