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Vulnerable Senator Dean Heller Keeps Misleading Nevadans on His Health Care Record

Las Vegas, NV – Vulnerable Senator Dean Heller has been in Washington for more than a decade, but it’s clear he’s hoping that Nevadans will just forget his actual voting record next year – especially when it comes to the issue of health care.

While he now claims he’s not happy with the GOP health care bill’s $800+ billion in cuts to Medicaid, Dean Heller had no problem voting for more than $1.3 trillion in Medicaid cuts in 2015 – even after Republican Governor Brian Sandoval had already expanded Medicaid in Nevada. In 2011, Heller voted to slash federal funding for Medicaid in half.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement:

“Senator Heller has already voted with Washington Republicans over and over again for even bigger cuts to Medicaid, and he’s already promised behind closed doors that he’ll do whatever it takes to vote for the Republican bill that increases your health care costs. This has become a pattern of misleading behavior and political posturing from Dean Heller, a deceitful Washington politician who will say anything to try to salvage his career at our expense. Nevadans are sick and tired of empty political rhetoric and they’re going to hold Dean Heller accountable for his actions and his voting record in 2018.”