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What’s Laxalt hiding? AG’s office refusing to explain Gaming Control Board’s request for recusal

Nearly 48 hours ago, The Nevada Independent asked Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s office to explain the circumstances around his stunning admission that he had been asked to recuse himself from this case by the Gaming Control Board.

Still no response. What’s Laxalt hiding?

RALSTON REPORTS: The Legislature has a hearing, and it’s all on tape

MAY 19TH, 2017 – 4:31PM

Notes on a Legislature — Week 15

The biggest moment of the legislative session came this week, and it really had nothing to do with the legislative session.


Second, in answer to a supposedly friendly question from friendly Roberson surrogate Ben Kieckhefer (insert old saw here about never asking a question in such a proceeding you don’t know the answer to), Laxalt said he had been asked to recuse himself from the case by the control board. Not only does that make the case for the bill on the docket, but it makes you wonder: When did that happen, and did he really agree to step aside?

We asked those questions of the attorney general’s office after the hearing. It’s been almost 48 hours, and we have no response.

I am sure that, too, is completely routine.

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