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TWITTER RECAP: AG Adam Laxalt Fails to Justify Unethical Conduct at Legislative Hear

Two big revelations tonight from a hearing where Democratic legislators asked probing questions, Republican legislators mostly acted like partisan hacks, and Attorney General Adam Laxalt tried but failed to create a bizarre alternate reality where all of this is totally normal.

  1. The Gaming Control Board has asked Attorney General Adam Laxalt to recuse himself on this issue! Watch the video here, in response to a Republican Senator’s question.

  2. It was Governor Brian Sandoval’s office that was apparently concerned about criminality and recommended that A.G. Burnett turn the tape over to the FBI.

In case you missed the hearing, here’s a quick Twitter recap:

@NevadaForward: BREAKING: Gaming Control Board has requested @AdamLaxalt’s office recuse themselves and for outside council.

@NevadaForward: [email protected]_Kieckhefer: “Has GCB asked you to recuse yourself or ask for outside counsel?” @AdamLaxalt: “Yes, they have.” #NVLeg

@RileySnyder: Laxalt – GCB has asked him to recuse himself on this issue #nvleg

@AlisonNoon: Ford: I think reasonable person cld read transcript & believe you’re trying to coerce Burnett into filing a brief on behalf of Sands #nvleg

@meganmesserly: [email protected]: “Were you advocating on behalf of the Sands in asking to get an amicus brief filed?” #nvleg

@RalstonReports: “A reasonable person could conclude you were trying to coerce Mr. Burnett to file an amicus brief on behalf of the Sands.” — @AaronDFordNV

@AlisonNoon: “I believe that there is a conflict here and I am concerned about it and that’s why we brought the bill” (AB513) Carlton says #nvleg

@RileySnyder: [email protected]_carlton – “The fact that your client was uncomfortable enough to record the conversation gives me pause”

@RalstonReports: Laxalt saying everyone on same page. Now he’s saying a “line DAG” below his senior guys said not to intervene. Here we go: BLAME STAFF.

@RalstonReports: Let’s be clear about one thing, which is a TOTAL COINCIDENCE: Adelson was desperate not to have this doc be introduced into a court case.

@RalstonReports: “Did you know governor’s counsel was the one who recommended the tape be turned over to the FBI?”

“First I’ve heard of that.”

@RalstonReports: Dems focusing on what’s in transcript, integrity of gaming, unusual circumstances.

GOPers focusing on leaks, decision to tape.


@meganmesserly: [email protected] asks whether @AdamLaxalt devotes this much personal attention + sense of urgency to all cases. #nvleg

@meganmesserly: [email protected] asks why @AdamLaxalt would meet with Adelson/his employees without a representative of the Gaming Control Board. #nvleg

@RalstonReports: [email protected]_carlton hones in on key point, which is not court requesting but licensee who wanted kept confidential. A licensee named Adelson.

@SethARichardson: Burnett says the entire time the process was going on, he thought filing an amicus brief on behalf of Sands wouldn’t be appropriate

@SandraChereb: Burnett told GCB staff, gov’s office of recording. General Counsel advised giving tape to FBI. #nvleg

@RalstonReports: [email protected] talking about “derogatory” comments @adamlaxalt made about judges and specifically judge Adelson wanted off the case.

@meganmesserly: Burnett: “I think the nervousness was compounded by the events you’ve read about. We said no to the licensee multiple, multiple times.”

@RalstonReports: Dems focusing on what’s in transcript, integrity of gaming, unusual circumstances.

GOPers focusing on leaks, decision to tape.


@RalstonReports: “Read the question again that someone else wrote for you,” Burnett says to James Oscarson, who is reading off laptop. Wow!

@meganmesserly: Burnett says he emailed the memo to board’s chiefs to apprise them of the situation in February 2017 when he learned the news would break.

@BenMargiott: Burnett says this instance was the first and only time he’s ever recorded a conversation, says he hopes it’s the last time

@RalstonReports: I repeat: Former AP reporter @Ben_Kieckhefer only interested in finding source of media leak. I’d say this is a parody, bit it’s a travesty.

@AlisonNoon: Burnett on independent GCB counsel: “it’s a dialogue that I believe is healthy and appropriate” #nvleg

@RalstonReports: After saying @AdamLaxalt “sold himself cheap” to Adelson, state Treasurer @Dan4Nevada is here for The Laxalt Tapes hearing.

@AlisonNoon: Laxalt not taking questions ahead of hearing #nvleg