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FACT CHECK on Laxalt’s assertion that his actions were ‘routine’

ICYMI yesterday – Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper “columnist” Victor Joecks lied to Las Vegas Review-Journal readers in an extraordinary screed that intentionally distorts and omits key facts about the ethics controversy swirling around Attorney General Adam Laxalt and… Laxalt’s biggest campaign donor, Sheldon Adelson. This isn’t the first time Joecks has used his RJ column to prop up Laxalt’s political ambitions.

The @RalstonReports summary:

The Nevada Independent: Cortez Masto: Laxalt’s assertion that his actions were ‘routine,’ akin to those she took as AG, ‘does not make sense’

MAY 12TH, 20172:30AM

Key Points:

  • Cortez Masto’s characterization of her relationship with the Gaming Control Board as a Democratic attorney general stands in contrast to the one described in a recently released affidavit prepared by board Chairman A.G. Burnett.


  • The board took legal action of its own volition in those cases, in contrast to the recent Sands matter in which it was a casino company urging the board to intervene on its behalf, Burnett said in a phone interview Thursday afternoon. He said that in the other two cases it was the board’s decision to file something “in order to protect the regulatory structure” and not because someone requested it.


  • “I’ve always said that we would reserve the right to file something, but only if it protects the Gaming Control Board or Gaming Commission,” Burnett said. “We would file something to protect our jobs and what we do, not for someone else.”


  • Had they been served with a subpoena to produce information in the Jacobs case, Burnett said they would’ve fought it as Cortez Masto did in the 2008 and 2013 cases. “If we were ever subpoenaed we would’ve moved to fight that subpoena based on our confidentiality statutes,” Burnett said. “That was never an issue. That never came up. That was never in play.”