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Talk Radio Keeps Bashing RINO Senator Dean Heller, Stokes Chatter About Need for Primary Challenge

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, conservative talk radio host Kevin Wall and live callers continued to bash vulnerable Republican Senator Dean Heller – this time for not supporting the House GOP’s disastrous health care bill – and even began stoking chatter about the need for him to be replaced by a Tea Party candidate or a Democrat. Heller continues to somehow simultaneously infuriate Trump supporters and maintain a nearly perfect record of voting with Trump 97% of the time.

Listen here to the first caller.

Listen here to the second caller.

Fun quotes:

Radio Caller #1: “Hey, I’d love to see Sharron Angle take on Dean Heller. He sucks, he’s going to lose, all the Trump people hate him, all the conservatives hate him. This guy needs to go.”

Kevin Wall: “Well, I think there is a serious, serious problem that he faces. The problem from the Trump people.”

Radio Caller #1: “He’s got a lot of money but he doesn’t have anybody that likes him, except for the, you know, the dirty liberals. About the only thing good you can say about Dean Heller is he’s not an out and out Democrat.”

Kevin Wall: “I think he’s made a number of key tactical mistakes.”

Kevin Wall: “Being a Republican from Maine ain’t easy. And that’s why those people tend to be a little more liberal. But here, the problem is you’ll get primaried.”

Kevin Wall: “I think he is vulnerable – I think he’s vulnerable on the right. Could there be some sort of Tea Party candidate, maybe a veteran, that would run against Dean Heller? I don’t know, I really don’t. But I do know that he’s vulnerable right now. And this thing of voting or at least saying that he opposes the repeal and replacement of Obamacare I think is troubling – he’s tiptoeing through the tulips is what he’s doing.”

Radio Caller #2: “This Senator here, this Republican Senator – you know, I did it the last time. I would rather vote for a Democrat to get them out of my party. If my party can’t come up with a good alternative that can represent my beliefs and my views as a Republican, then I’m going to vote for that Democrat and get that RINO out.”

Kevin Wall: “Then he does on this, then he does on the Obamacare – the House bill – no. Can’t support it. But he ought to be saying, ‘But there are ways we’re gonna make this bill better.’ But he doesn’t say that. That’s why I’ve been so disappointed with Senator Dean Heller in recent months.”