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Senator Dean Heller Cheerleading Trump Attacks on Nevada’s National Monuments

Las Vegas, NV – Republican Senator Dean Heller – who once praised Cliven Bundy’s clan as “patriots” – is cheering President Donald Trump’s decision today to launch a slow-motion attack on the Antiquities Act, which has been used to protect national monuments in Nevada. In the Senate, Heller fought against the designations for both Gold Butte and Basin and Range.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement: “Just last night, leaders in the Nevada Assembly voted to send a resolution to the Trump administration supporting Nevada’s national monuments. This extreme effort by President Trump to undermine the will of Nevadans is unprecedented and deeply unpopular, but Senator Dean Heller probably believes this assault against Gold Butte and Basin and Range is just as patriotic as Cliven Bundy’s armed insurrection.”

Presidents do not have the legal authority to revoke national monuments, and none until Trump have ever attempted to get rid of an existing monument designation. According to a poll conducted earlier this year, 80% of Western voters support keeping national monuments in place. Nevadans overwhelmingly support the national monuments in their own backyards, with 71% of voters – including overwhelming majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents – supporting Gold Butte’s status as a national monument.