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RECESS RECAP: How Bad Was Dean Heller’s Two-Week Recess? This Bad.

Las Vegas, NV – Vulnerable Republican Senator Dean Heller is probably breathing a sigh of relief as he heads back to Washington today after a very, very bad two-week recess.

Here’s a quick recap:


Morning Consult: How Voters View 2018’s Most Vulnerable Senators

  • “Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) has the weakest approval of the 10 most vulnerable lawmakers next cycle. Only 43 percent of Nevadans approve of his job performance, while 32 percent disapprove, up 4 points since September.”


Ralston Reports: Heller: Trump administration “is pretty incredible,” and he’s doing a town hall because “it’s one of the boxes you gotta check”

Reno Gazette-Journal: Dean Heller thinks he’s going to get yelled at during town hall

POLITICO Pro: Heller audio: I want to ‘get to a yes’ on Obamacare repeal

  • “Nevada Sen. Dean Heller told a group of conservatives earlier this week he “will do everything I can to get to a yes” on repealing Obamacare and suggested he was withholding his approval of the GOP health care plan in Congress to get attention from the White House. The comments were picked up by a tracker for the Nevada Democratic Party…”



WATCH highlights from the TV coverage

CNN: Sen. Dean Heller faces angry constituents — and demands for specifics — at rowdy town hall

  • “Heller was drowned out by chants of “yes or no!” and “answer the question!” when hundreds of crowd members saw his answers as evasive.”


The Hill: Vulnerable GOP senator faces rancorous town hall

  • “One questioner warned Heller that he needs to represent the entire state, not just his GOP supporters. “You don’t really represent me anymore,” she said. “You need to start listening to the concerns of your constituents, and I think you lost that.””


Reno Gazette-Journal: Noisy Reno crowd greets Heller, Amodei at town hall

  • “The trend of Republicans facing raucous town halls continued on Monday in Reno as U.S. Sen. Dean Heller and U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei faced a swath of angry Nevadans who demanded answers.”


AP: Sen. Heller, Rep. Amodei face combative town hall attendees

The Nevada Independent: Tough questions, prickly Reno crowd pressure Heller & Amodei at town hall

Talking Points Memo: GOP Senator Faces Accusations That He’s A ‘Rubber Stamp’ For Trump At Town Hall

New York Times: “Mr. Heller plainly does not relish the town-hall format”

Reno News & Review: “There was substantial anger in the hall at Heller’s high-handed treatment of the public. Amodei sometimes seemed to be present to give his fellow Republican cover.”



Axios: Dean Heller’s “clarification” on Planned Parenthood

  • “What a difference a day can make. We told you Nevada Sen. Dean Heller should expect a fierce blowback from social conservatives after he defended Planned Parenthood in a rowdy town hall meeting Monday afternoon. Penny Nance, the president of Concerned Women for America, fired the first public warning shot in our article. Less than 24 hours later, Heller was singing a different tune.”


Steve Sebelius: Nevada Sen. Dean Heller flips-flips on Planned Parenthood funding

Mother Jones: After Pledging to “Protect” Planned Parenthood, Dean Heller Remains Opposed to Federal Funding for it 

Reno Gazette-Journal: Sen. Heller lied to my face about Planned Parenthood: Donna West

KLAS Las Vegas: “How does the Senator explain that?”

NEW TV AD: Planned Parenthood launched an ad on local TV in Reno and Las Vegas using video of Heller’s pledge to protect the organization to put pressure on him and remind voters of his comments.

CONSERVATIVES REVOLT: The GOP’s right-wing activists did not look kindly on Heller trying to mislead voters about his support for defunding Planned Parenthood.

  • LISTEN: Heller took a beating from conservative talk radio
  • Erick Erickson: “Dean Heller must be defeated by either a better Republican or a Democrat.”
  • Conservative Review: “GOP Sen. Dean Heller’s latest pro-life flip is the rotten cherry on top of his craptastic voting record.”
  • Concerned Women for America president Penny Nance: “Disappointed doesn’t even begin to cover the reaction our members in Nevada will have when we inform them of Heller’s new position.”
  • Family Research Council president Tony Perkins: “Senator Heller’s waffling over federal funding for Planned Parenthood should be completely unacceptable to a majority of the voters in Nevada who elected him based in part on his pro-life promises.”



The DNC’s “Come Together and Fight Back” tour made its final stop in Las Vegas on Saturday with a rally at UNLV with Senator Bernie Sanders, new DNC Chair Tom Perez and Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards.

The number one target? Dean Heller.

Las Vegas Sun: “All three speakers at Saturday’s speech criticized U.S. Senator Dean Heller, R.-Nev., urging attendees to “hold him to his word” on remarks he made in support of Planned Parenthood during a town hall event Wednesday in Reno. Richards went as far as to read the phone number to one of Heller’s office lines, telling attendees to call “every day, or every hour.”

VIDEO of Cecile Richards handing out Heller’s phone number: “To prevent millions of folks in this country from losing access to health care, I need you to take out your phones and add Senator Dean Heller to your speed dial.” Watch here. 

TV COVERAGE of Senator Bernie Sanders’ “sharp words” for Heller: “We are not going to allow right-wing Republicans to take away that choice. Dean Heller, pay attention.” Watch here.