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Washington has changed Dean Heller

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss: “Senator Heller is the definition of a lazy career politician with no accomplishments, and he has clearly grown more extreme, more partisan, and more out of touch during his decade in Washington. It’s time to replace Dean Heller.”

Reno News & Review: Finally — Heller opens himself to town hall format

By Dennis Myers
This article was published on 04.20.17. 

Key Points:

  • “Dean Heller was once one of Nevada’s most admired public officials. As secretary of state, he made a point of leaving the door to his inner office open to the public, and while he didn’t always work in that office, it was more than just a stunt. Many Nevadans and tourists stuck their heads in to say hi. Friendly and accessible, he welcomed them all.”


  • “So his conduct after he moved to D.C., first as a U.S. House member and then as a senator, became subject to widespread comment. He became relatively reclusive for a politician, restricting himself to appearances before safe sites and groups, GOP events, and obligatory campaign debates.”


  • “There was substantial anger in the hall at Heller’s high-handed treatment of the public.”


  • “Amodei sometimes seemed to be present to give his fellow Republican cover.”


  • “The event probably undercut Heller’s previous ability to cut into the Democratic vote because the crowd pushed him into defending things he had done to placate Republicans who think him too moderate, such as posting a Reagan quote attacking Democrats.”


  • “He was asked why, before voting for a Trump nominee for Supreme Court, he failed to support a vote on Obama’s nominee, and Heller then equated Republican and Democratic tactics: “I guarantee you, in four years, if there’s another opening, everybody in here will be opposed to that person.” That avoided the issue, which was not opposition to nominees but the failure to allow a hearing and vote.”


  • “Heller seemed to suggest he opposed Planned Parenthood because some of its offices offer abortion: “The question is should federal funding cover some of the activities that occur in Planned Parenthood.” Nevadans voted 63 to 37 percent in a referendum to support legal abortion.”


  • “It is not yet known whether Heller intends to also do a town hall in Clark County, where most Nevadans live.”


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