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Senator Heller’s Office Admits He LIED to Nevadans, “Has a Long Record” Opposing Planned Parenthood Funding

Las Vegas, NV – On Monday, Republican Senator Dean Heller tried to mislead a room of 600+ constituents at his town hall in Reno about his position on Planned Parenthood funding. The next day, after brutal blowback from conservatives and anti-choice organizations, Heller’s spokeswoman admitted he lied and reiterated that Heller is still against federal funding for Planned Parenthood and “has a long record that reflects his position.” Yes, he does!

Heller on Monday morning:

  • “I will protect Planned Parenthood.”
  • “I have no problems with federal funding for Planned Parenthood.”


Heller on Tuesday, through his spokeswoman Megan Taylor:

  • “[H]e is opposed to providing federal funding to any organization that performs abortions and is supported by taxpayers’ dollars; he has a long record that reflects his position.”


This shouldn’t come as a surprise: Heller’s record does show that he has been a consistent, long-time supporter for defunding Planned Parenthood. Take a look ➡️

Heller Has Voted Repeatedly To Defund Planned Parenthood

  • Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Steve Sebelius: Senator Dean Heller “has consistently voted to deny sending taxpayer money to the organization.” [1/12/17]
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal: “The Nevada Republican said he plans to vote for a GOP amendment being lined up for a Senate vote next week that would defund the women’s health group. As a House member in 2011, Heller voted for a similar amendment to cut off Planned Parenthood funding in a dispute over abortion.” [7/29/15]
  • The Hill: “Heller voted for the 2015 ObamaCare repeal bill that defunded Planned Parenthood, and voted against a GOP amendment to get rid of the section of the bill that cut off federal funding for the organization.” [4/17/17]
  • Heller press release: “8/3/15: Senator Heller supported invoking cloture on the motion to proceed to S.1881, Senators Ernst, Paul and Lankford’s legislation (S.1881) to defund Planned Parenthood… (114th Congress, 1st Session, Vote #262).‎” [9/24/15]
  • Heller press release: “2/18/11: Senator Heller supported Representative Pence’s amendment to prohibit funds from being made available for any purpose to Planned Parenthood or any of its affiliates (112th Congress, 1st Session, Vote #93).” [9/24/15]

Heller Has Vocally Opposed Federal Funding For Planned Parenthood

  • Heller spokesman Neal Patel: “Senator Heller does not support federal funding for Planned Parenthood.” [1/12/17]
  • Heller spokeswoman Michawn Rich: “Senator Heller’s record is clear on pro-life issues. He voted twice to defund Planned Parenthood.” [9/24/15]
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal: Heller wants to defund Planned Parenthood
    • “Sen. Dean Heller on Wednesday sided with critics of Planned Parenthood who are seeking to restrict federal funding to the group in the wake of provocative videos that raise questions about the organization’s ethics on abortion.” [7/29/15]

Heller Just Cast The Deciding Vote To Give States The Ability To Defund Planned Parenthood Clinics

  • Reno Gazette-Journal: “The senator recently voted to allow states to defund the organization’s Title X federal funding.” [4/17/17]
  • Reno News & Review columnist Sheila Leslie: “Heller’s most recent blunder was revealed last month when he cast the deciding vote to overturn a rule from the Obama administration that prevents states from denying pass-through federal funds to Planned Parenthood for family planning services.” [4/13/17]
  • State Senator Julia Ratti: “Dean Heller’s vote emboldens states to discriminate against family planning health care providers, including Planned Parenthood health centers and independent clinics that provide safe & legal abortion, from providing preventive care like birth control through the Title X program.” [4/6/17]