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NV Senate Republicans Oppose Paid Sick Leave, Fiduciary Standard

Carson City, NV – Today, Republicans in the Nevada Senate under boss Michael Roberson’s leadership voted along party lines against common sense proposals to provide paid sick leave for working families (S.B. 196) and a state-level fiduciary rule (S.B. 383) to protect the retirement savings of seniors.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement: “Enacting paid sick leave will help ensure Nevadans don’t have to choose between their paycheck and taking care of themselves or a loved one. Passing the fiduciary standard will require that investment advisers look out for their clients’ best interests rather than their own. Once again, Republicans in Carson City are the party of ‘no’ – siding with Wall Street and their big campaign donors against common sense legislation that has broad support. In 2018, Nevada voters are going to remember that extreme Republicans like Michael Roberson, Scott Hammond and Becky Harris were against these policies that will give hardworking families greater economic stability and security.”