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NEW AUDIO: Dean Heller Changes His Tune (Again!) on TrumpCare

Las Vegas, NVMore audio has surfaced from Republican Senator Dean Heller’s “pretty incredible” closed-door luncheon with conservatives at Las Vegas Country Club earlier this week. In response to a question about his position on President Trump’s cruel and reckless health care plan, Heller – who has voted at least 20 times to dismantle the Affordable Care Act – once again decided to change his tune to suit his audience. No wonder Heller’s office instructed Keystone Corporation to not allow media inside this event!

During Q&A, Senator Heller got into an exchange with a conservative audience member who said Heller “better get the job done” on health care and proclaimed “we want shit done in Washington.” In the span of just five minutes, Heller said he’s not necessarily opposed to millions of people losing their health care, reiterated his desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and suggested he’s only been opposed to the GOP plan so he can get Donald Trump’s attention.


“We’ve said all along that Senator Heller has no core, and he keeps finding new ways to show us that he will always say whatever’s politically expedient for his audience,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “Whatever he tries to say tomorrow or the next day, Dean Heller’s consistent votes to repeal and dismantle the Affordable Care Act make it crystal clear that he doesn’t object to ripping away health care from millions of people and he is determined to work with Trump to undermine the ACA.”

Heller on the CBO report analyzing the GOP’s health care plan:

Heller: “Their analysis was 12 million people who have health care today, under the current system, if you replace it with this legislation, 12 million will lose their insurance. 12 million, in the first year. And over the next 10 years, 24 million will lose their health insurance.”

Audience member: “Is that your main objection?”

Heller: “Um, not necessarily. My main objection is that I want to make sure that the governors are in the room when this is being discussed. That’s my main objection.”

Heller on repealing the Affordable Care Act:

Heller: “I want this thing to go away. I really do want to put this away. And I will do everything I can to get to a yes. But what I do want is an opportunity to talk with this administration about some of the concerns that I have here in the state of Nevada. If you’re always a yes, you can’t get their attention. You can’t get their attention.”